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Headless CMS for Company Websites

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“Leveraging the Cosmic GraphQL API allows for easy updates to our news and blog, while keeping payloads small and fast. Integration with Cosmic could not be easier thanks to their great support. We look forward to developing more features on the platform.”

— Dustin Brink, Front End Developer at Derive Systems

Company Websites

The Cosmic Headless CMS empowers companies to manage content for their website quickly and seamlessly. Company websites are populated with content representing numerous departments, which can create bottlenecks internally and cause content to be less timely. Cosmic solves these problems by offering a flexible CMS Dashboard for content creators to draft, manage and schedule content for publishing. Custom user roles and permissions ensure each team member has the tools to do their job.

Helpful features include Revision History and Team Usage reports, giving Managers a high level view over their projects and team's productivity. 

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There are many use cases that can benefit from using the Cosmic Headless CMS. Here are some of the most popular projects that teams are building with Cosmic.

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